Adventures in Feeding baby

As a Registered Dietitian  that focuses on public health, I am a strong advocate for prevention, I understand how early exposures to foods and flavors can significantly impact the developing palate of a young child. In fact, there is some research demonstrating the impact of maternal diet and its influence on the flavors and preferences for the developing fetus and developing child. Setting a strong foundation for healthfully prepared foods which are lower in sugar and salt can help children make better choices as they grow.

As a new  Mom as soon as i began introducing solids to my baby, I worried about all of the additives in processed food and jars in the grocery aisles.  I read articles such as this and this. And decided to make my own baby food…

What I learned is how we frame our relationship with food really influences children and how they perceive it too. I want my son to be a healthy, happy eater. Here is a pic of some of my baby’s first food.


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