Making Baby Food in Spanish

Published 07/11/2015 by glowingnutrition

A few months ago I had the pleasure of presenting to a lively group of Spanish-speaking Mommies at Maternal Child Health Access in downtown Los Angeles. I love being bilingual and enjoy putting my Spanish language skills to work by sharing advice with Mommies on healthy living for them and their family.

Our presentation was well attended and I enjoyed having an engaged audience. We shared experiences, recipes and ended our session with a little food demonstration: how to make apple sauce. One mom proudly related to the recipe and said she would not only be making apple sauce for her little one but her teenager who is on the track team and always returns home with a voracious appetite. To that, I suggested she swirl some plain, Greek yogurt with it for the protein punch.

We love working out in the community and  meeting new Moms. If you see us, please say Hi! 🙂

Fresh apples were used to make wholesome apple sauce

Fresh apples were used to make wholesome apple sauce

Our presentation on Baby Food was well received in Spanish

Mommies and their children attended our baby food presentation


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