Disconnecting and Reconnecting

This past summer, I took the opportunity to spend time disconnecting from the day-to-day and reconnecting with nature. I spent time with very old trees around Central and Northern California and just listened.

I embarked on a roadtrip and I observed the sounds and comforting smells that although new,  seemed somehow familiar in a distant-sort-of way. This journey began as a quest to reconnect with myself. I had been there all along, but was not “tuned” into myself because I was so distracted with working long hours and just living an imbalanced life in “survival mode”. Here is a list of my reflections I have collected and continue to meditate upon. This is an on-going journey and one that may never end, but such is the beauty of this thing we call life.

1. Slowing Down

A few months ago, I underwent a transition in my career. I went from working long hours a week and feeling less than and disconnected with myself. As I began collecting myself and taking stock of what I had around me, I saw what my soul had hungered for: self-discovery and building meaningful connections with myself and my family. Although this realization is unfolding it has not been easy.

I had grown accustomed to constantly rushing through life like most of us. Living every day feeling tired and worn out.

It was when I took this moment in my life to pause, take a breath and assess myself and band the environment. I felt held there surrounded by the natural beauty of the forest and moving waters of the ocean and streams, I understood the importance of really embracing this teaching. It is when we slow down that we can absorb the moment and its teaching. Meditation and breathwork can really be helpful for us in connecting with this essence in being. Also assess you living space and ask yourself if it beneficial to have what you have invited in? If the things in your living space don’t serve you well, then let the go and create space for new things to come in.

Useful tips: Listening,  declutter your living space
Tools: essential oils, a bell

  2. You are Enough

Slowly I am realizing the importance of meaningful connections with myself and the people around me. My excuse used to be I didn’t have time and now I realize I can have time and can begin using it to manifest what I want to see in my life.  As a single mother, I succumbed to the fear that I would never have enough and that I was not enough.  This rippled through my relationships with others and how I saw myself. If I was in a place of low worth, then how am I showing up with others?

Useful thoughts: being open and trusting yourself
Tools: Journal about your feelings

3. You are Love

My last and probaby most important reflection is: Self-love. How we feel about ourselves (on the inside) is oftentimes reflected in how we treat ourselves.  The perception of not having enough time for self-care impacts all facets of ourselves. I noticed I was operating from a place of lack: not having enough time and trying to accomplish too much were creating so much stress and guilt. Because I wasn’t feeling my best, I tried to compensate with caffeine and indulgences.  This was not sustainable and it took taking a pause to realize all of this.

In our society, where feeling less than, leaves us with a void that we then try to fill using various external things that may not lead to our greatest benefit.  It becomes imperative we practice self love with our selves. We are a model for our children and our families in the way we see ourselves. As we feel good about ourselves, we instill this reassurance in our children and that will magnify and empower us all to make choices from a place of empowerment and courage.

Useful thoughts: admire beautiful aspects about yourself
Tools: Cook healing foods for yourself, keep indoor houseplants

Thanks for reading this and if you found any  of this resonating with you , please share your comments below.

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