Southern California summers can be quite Hot and sometimes the thought of turning on a hot stove is unappealing (to the say the least).  Continue reading G-a-z-P-a-c-H-o


F is for Fermentation

Earlier this year, I was proud to cross an item off of my bucket list and became a Slow Food LA Preservation Advisor. What does all that mean? Continue reading F is for Fermentation

Spring into Action

It seems like a small moment ago, I was crafting my first baby food purees for my little sprout  and introducing him into solids. So much has happened since then. My baby is now a toddler and is eating all sorts of things, exploring the world around him with so much intensity oftentimes leaving his Mama in the dust!

I realized I had 2 choices: 1) I could allow this to happen and fuel myself with coffee to try and keep up or 2) Take Charge and make a few changes to give me more energy

I decided despite my initial reluctance I would wean myself off of coffee for a while and look for other methods to boost my energy, mainly to:

increase regular physical activity,


drink more water

AND eat lower on the food chain! Follow along with me as I embark on this journey. I will share some of stumbling blocks along the way.


Coffee grounds, Pedicures and Time for Me

A few nights ago, as my son slept in his crib, I decided to indulge in a little self-care and gave myself a pedicure. This is no easy feat as up until recently my sweet pea was not sleeping through the night. My poor toes were in dire need of some attention and with sandal season well underway I knew it was time for me to oblige.  Continue reading Coffee grounds, Pedicures and Time for Me

Making Baby Food in Spanish

A few months ago I had the pleasure of presenting to a lively group of Spanish-speaking Mommies at Maternal Child Health Access in downtown Los Angeles. I love being bilingual and enjoy putting my Spanish language skills to work by sharing advice with Mommies on healthy living for them and their family.

Our presentation was well attended and I enjoyed having an engaged audience. We shared experiences, recipes and ended our session with a little food demonstration: how to make apple sauce. One mom proudly related to the recipe and said she would not only be making apple sauce for her little one but her teenager who is on the track team and always returns home with a voracious appetite. To that, I suggested she swirl some plain, Greek yogurt with it for the protein punch.

We love working out in the community and  meeting new Moms. If you see us, please say Hi! 🙂

Fresh apples were used to make wholesome apple sauce
Fresh apples were used to make wholesome apple sauce
Our presentation on Baby Food was well received in Spanish
Mommies and their children attended our baby food presentation

Make Your Own Baby Food Workshop

  • Hello Mamas,

Starting on March 11, 2015  I will be presenting a workshop series focusing on making your own baby food  in Burbank! During this workshop I help you embark on this fun milestone in your baby’s development. I will show you how to introduce solid foods for baby and  will guide you in a hands-on workshop where you will walk away with some great information and freshly made baby food with recipes to match! For more info check out my Workshops Flyer.

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