All services are offered in English and Spanish

Nutrition Consulting  (varies) Specialty tailored nutrition education designed for you, your organization, workplace/ or classroom. I provide staff training or workshops for your team on a variety of topics focusing on nutrition, safe food handling practices, and lifestyle choices. Inquiries welcomed.

Health Behavior Coaching (60 min sessions)   My sessions begin with assessing  current lifestyle choices and beliefs aimed at facilitating  behaviors amounting to overall health and well-being. Coaching is personalized and focused on goal setting to meet specific targets. Sessions  can be conveniently arranged over the phone or using Skype.

Workshops & Classes (available in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley areas)

  • Adult Workshops (60 to 120 min sessions) Sessions designed as hands-on learning opportunities for groups of 25 participants or more. Sample topics include: Basics of healthy cooking, rejuvenating foods, and preparing meals by the season
  • Workshops for Young Children (ages 2-8): (45 min sessions) Also known as  the Caterpillar Kitchen, Fun and Edible  workshops for young children. The workshops are specifically designed to engage the developing palette on topics such as trying new flavors, healthy snacking, fueling up for play and more.
  • Classes (60 and 90 mins) These hands-on learning opportunities are  intended for small groups of adults. Classes are taught on-site and provide great learning opportunities designed to be educational and fun. Grab a few friends, a glass of wine and allow me to guide you on a tasty and educational journey. Topics can include: Making Your Own Baby food, Becoming Vegetarian,  Easy Meal Prep and Planning and Food Preservation Classes (Jams, Sauerkraut, and more).

Edible Excursions (60 and 75 min sessions) Does the visit to the grocery store overwhelm you? What about after you come home with your purchases, how do you put it all together?  During this private session, We’ll  cover: designing a meal plan, reading nutrition labels, shopping seasonally- all while visiting a local grocery store or farmer’s market in your neighborhood.

Pantry Make-overs (75 min sessions): Let’s ensure the food in your pantry supports your health goals. These make-overs are meant to help you maximize  your pantry  shelves so they are stocked,  organized and in sync with your healthy lifestyle.

The time is ripe for a healthy change!362

For more information please email me at or call 213-394-6059

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